Born in Panama, Monsta Villa migrated to New York and made Brooklyn his home.   Early in the game Monsta was making strides in the Hip-Hop Community starting the Rap group Red Guirillas that hit Rap charts in 1999-2000 on Casino Records.  Monstas independent career has spanned over the years featuring him in XXLs’ Spin Cycle, Sources’ Independence Day and many other publications.  But tribulation in Monstas personal life slowed his pace through out his wide spanned music career.  Over 5 separate occasions, Monsta has been shot a total of 13 times with 1 of the bullets remaining lodged inside of his skull.   This movement was also halted after a Federal Case brought gun charges against Monsta.  After two years of unfounded evidence Monsta was released and mandated to find a job or finish school.  Against all odds, Monsta graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) with an associates degree in Multi-Media Communications – Completed his Federal Requirements and is now BaCK to deliver what we’ve all been anticipating.  Monsta has created his own distinctive SWAG on the mic for listeners of all kinds. This year Monsta teamed with LIV of YES LIV CAN in creating a Music Style Like NO OTHER.   After releasing their first project titled “Beauty and the Beast”, a follow-up project titled “Street Sacrifice” will Feature Monsta Villa back in his own element – Bringing True UN fabricated HIP HOP back to the streets-