Born in Chicago, LIV understood at an early age how to adapt to any situation. Living in and out of many neighborhoods around the city because of her parents instability, LIV knew she was the only “Hope” she had.  Thru attending schools in the suburbs of Illinois, LIV found an outlet to the troubled home environment of daily violence and deterioration.  Though a misguided youth, LIV still managed to conquer her struggles and create a world of her own where she realized in that world she could DO anything and BE anything she wanted.   After getting her Juvenile record ex ponged, LIV then turned her life around to become the Woman she Really wanted to be.  LIV Graduated from High School and was awarded partial scholarship funds from various outlets to assist her in Continuing on to the University of Illinois @ Chicago (UIC) where she completed a Bachelor degree with HONORS.  Realizing her potential to become a model, LIV started modeling for small venues and events in Chicago.  Beyond ALL odds LIV soon became a Ford Model with Magazine pages and Advertisements all over the country.  Upon the success of modeling LIV then moved her sights to new territory – Miami Beach, Florida.  Making it out of Chicago, LIV knew there would be no more obstacles that could get in her way……She decided to take herself serious as a writer and began writing songs and hooks for multiple artists from Rap to R&B and even Reggae and Pop.  Using Modeling as a tool – she went on to Join other Mega Modeling Agencies such as Wilhelmina and Elite.  Slowly becoming a force, LIV packed everything up to move to NYC to further pursue not only her modeling, but also her song-writing career.  NYC proved to LIV that the time for her to CHOOSE music over modeling was approaching.  Not too long after the move to NYC, LIV broke from modeling and began her professional music career.  She then joined forces with Lootchy and invested into a recording studio, began learning how to use it – and the HITS began pouring out.  They created YES LIV CAN, an independent label designed for recording and producing for various artist and genres.  Today, LIV is the Co-founder and CEO of YES LIV CAN.  Not only on the management side, LIV is in charge of overseeing as well as conducting all projects and is even the Engineer for all of the tracks that come out of this HIT FACTORY.   Thru life’s many different experiences, LIV is able to tap into the minds and hearts of everyone of her listeners.