Written by LIV

Fuck Fucking to the top, better off using bars
Bitches off they job cause they rather use they jaws
Bitches like NICKI just MINAJing the squad, making bosses like me have to work extra hard
And I demand respect and I be damned if I let, a nigga from my own set - tryna play me like a vet
Judging by the way your dressed, your interest isn't in they best
I Guess you happy with check but you ain't happy with yourself
Got you looking like a mess, rapping like you got turrets
You supposed to be the QUEEN B.?  BITCH I'm not impressed
Then you dissed the QUEEN B. BITCH? Where the fucks your head?
Got your whole style from her -that shoulda been your right hand.
But I can tell how you fake cause you be frontin' on your man, same niggas that was there, same niggas that you slammed
BIG FENDY is the reason that you even got a chance, cause you was out for years but no one even gave a damn
New ass and tits did the fix now SHAZAM! Switched your whole style to fit your fans in Japan
You a grown ass woman, why the fuck you making stans, outta little bitty girls is what I don't understand
And I ain't hating on your grind in 99' I sorta liked you, had some DSL's and your spit game was vital
But who would ever know that you would spit all on your idol? Guess you use the same spit to cross out all your rivals
You was sucking WAYNE'S' dick even I got invited, but I was like Naw and that's the last time he writed
Then a couple months later heard your song on 105. The BREAKFAST IN THE MORNING had me throwing up inside
On some real world shit what the fuck is Airplanes? you on some real weird shit out here fucking up the babies
Got em' acting like chickens they supposed to be ladies
Looking up to a bird -minus Bert and Ernie, hanging on to your words -It's starting to concern me
Cause they cant differentiate the bullshit they learning from the bullshit your running. I'm just keeping it one hundred
Half that bullshit is dirt, this bitch gone get that work-
Sitting back and Ive observed the bullshit getting worse
And I admit at first I refused to write a verse with this bitch in my lines, but I refuse to step aside and watch this bitch ruin lives capitalizing off of lies
Tell em' all they Barbs, well that would make them plastic, which probably makes up about 90 1/2 percentage of your ass, the one you didn't have
And them teeth ain't yours and neither is your voice
Got-a-Roman-Accent  What-the-fuck-is-that-shit? This Bitch from Queens, where the fuck she get that shit?
Them niggas on your team seriously back this? Either they all deaf or that's how good that ass is
You re-releasing albums like the first was classics, your fans are growing up and realizing your tactics
You fucking with MARIAH I'ma CAREY you away, you know her CANNON don't bust, that was not a fair game
I wish a bitch would- get me fucked up in this thang. I got that CHI-TOWN South Side running through my veins
I got an army of niggas with an armory of triggas, standing on the front line just waiting on the signal
Let it POP OFF- You'll be wishing that it didn't. I can't call my dogs back once they running out the kennel
And they blood thirsty -no mercy, call em' unforgivable. Cause they don't give a fuck and they ain't giving clues
From what happened on that bus, your team is all confused. I got niggas on deck taking wraps for the crew
Cause they rather it be them, instead of being you. Now that's some real nigga shit only real niggas do.
Rather see a nigga SHYNE stay PUFFIN' on that DADDY, then to see a niggas time waisted on an island stranded.
So they would take the charge, so I would stay un-harmed, now that is what you call -loyal to the cause.
But y'all a bunch of frauds, just some acting niggas. Shit Drake does it great playing a rapping nigga
Cause we all know he aint, he a half a nigga, singing every single song Teddy Pendagrass nigga.
These the same ass niggas you be saying blast niggas? Ole' funny ass niggas with funny manurisms
I aint saying that they funny Im just saying that its in them.
You be looking real funny which explains why you with them.
And while you roping dopes I'm antidote to the venom. You styles a big hoax I'm taking notes for ammunition
This ain't the takeover -this is theINVASION. Mirajing generations, LIV is gonna save them.
Y. to the L. C. Who the fuck you claiming!? L. to the I. V. What the fuck you saying!?
I know my Chi Town niggas going feel this shit, I know my N.Y. niggas know how real this is.
Shout out to all my real niggas,
too few home too many gone-
Now that's some real shit.