YLC Studios is owned and operated by LIV aka YesLIVcan. LIV was born and raised in Chicago, Il. LIV once was a “problem child” who turned her energy around into achieving the unimaginable. With all odds against her, she completed College at the University of Illinois in Chicago with honors, then went on to pursue her professional modeling career in Miami, Fl. Though the continued success of modeling was satisfying, LIV really wanted to take her music to higher levels as well. LIV made the move to Hip Hops epicenter and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. LIV is the machine behind the growing brand YLC, the female rapper holds many titles such as the Engineer behind the boards, the PR specialist, the social media BEAST, an is also the inspiration for women everywhere to start going “All Natural” with her regular Beauty Vlogs. LIV is far more than your average female rapper, she has built an Independent empire that is capable of competing with any mainstream artist set in front of her, and has set new standards for females of every background to get higher educations and never compromise themselves to get ahead in life.  LIV is currently working on a duo project with a fellow Brooklyn artist by the name of Monsta Villa.  Monsta Villa is a Beast in his own right, with a distinctive Hip Hop sound and look, Monsta has the full package of what’s been missing in the rap game. After being shot 13 times on 5 separate occasions, its clear that Monsta is a warrior.  Together, LIV and Monsta Villa make “Beauty and the Beast”.